Sunday, 23 October 2011

A visit to 덕수궁 (Deoksugung Palace) with our friends!

Since a couple of days back we have had our friends Håkan and Kerstin staying with us at house 7049A.

Wonderful to getting together again for even if we meet many fabulous people it surely is nice to having friends around you with whom we go a long time back. Håkan is a childhood friend of Anders but even I already know him and his wife for over 25 years!
Besides from talking, eating and having some beer and wine, they have visited the DMZ first day and yesterday it was time for Itaewon, Namdeamun and Seoul Tower  (of course by night).
Today more cultural points where gathered. First we send them off to go for a city tour and afterwards we went to visit Deoksugung Palace.
Anders and I joined them for we hadn’t seen the Palace and changing of the guards. Since we knew we would get visitors we kept some things undone, so we wouldn’t get bored by doing the same trips several times.
Deoksugung Palace is one of five royal palaces remained in Seoul and one of the smallest of Seoul palaces. The name means “Palace of virtue and longevity” and it’s situates at the corner of Seoul’s busiest downtown intersections.
As if it isn’t hard enough to remember the name Deoksugung the palace is also known as Gyeongun-gung, Deoksu Palace. The compound was inhabited by various Korean Royalties around the turn of the 20th century and the buildings are of varying construction including some natural crytomeria wood, painted wood and stucco. Some buildings were built in Western style.

All together absolutely worthwhile a visit!

Changing of the gards!

A part of the Royal Palace.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Breast cancer awareness month!

Since several weeks back I’m engaged in AFSC (American Forces' Spouses’ Club) and I committed to be the editor of their magazine called the Chosun Chatter.
Every month many activities are planned and executed, highlight are the luncheons held once a month. The day starts at 9 o’clock with shopping from Korean vendors who bring their merchandize to the Dragon Hill (hotel on base). In the mean time, tickets and products are sold benefiting welfare projects.
This Month the theme was; Think Pink!

Fridays "Fun Run" for Breast cancer awareness!
No I didn't run, I walked................through the rain! Here with Fran Walters before the start.

The decoration of the tables and all women dressed in pink contributed strongly to the ambiance and that was a marvelous platform for the theme.

The speaker, Melanie, a charming, strong and positive woman told us about her tuff journey after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. When she puts herself behind the microphone she starts up with asking one simple question: - who of you have; a mother, a sister, an aunt or a friend diagnosed with breast cancer. Shockingly almost 80% of all attendees raised their hand.
Melanie’s own journey is filled with harsh news, doctors and nurses insensible way of interacting with her but also with wonderful medical people, supportive family and friends. She shares lessons learned with us and in spite of the seriousness of the subject, we have lots of laughter. It’s clear that know-how, persistence, mind setting and a warm and loving support system are key factors enabling the patient to fight this disease. Amazing how many fantastic people we have all around us.
Take Care and keep healthy!

"Bra Art" 
October 11, 2011 marked the first ever American Forces’ Spouses’ Club Bra Art Competition, a unique fund-raiser in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Over 20 AFSC “artists” created one-of-a-kind bras that were exhibited as works of art in order to support breast cancer awareness and to raise money for breast cancer research.  

"Enlighthtened Uplifter"

"Boobies are Blooming"

                                                                                                                          Note: The Hanbok is Koreas National Costume.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Quit a Sight; Seoul by Night!

Do not know about the nightlife in Seoul, YET.....
However, the city, which I do not find very beautiful when driving or walking through it during the day, it's absolutely magnificent by night.
I mentionend before that I find Seoul a facinating city, offering something for everybody. But look at these pictures and enjoy, Seoul by Night.

Our view from the highest point on Youngsan Base, with Namsam Tower in the back.

Business district in central Seoul.                                Shopping district in central Seoul.

City Hall

Overall view of the City.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Yesterday Anders celebrated South Korea’s Armed Forces Day in Gyeryongdae.

South Korea’s Armed Forces Day is an annual event held on October 1st when the country recognizes, venerates and honors the military forces of the Republic of Korea. The date is chosen because in 1950 during the Korean War, South Korean Forces broke through the 38th parallel on this date.

The President, Lee Myung-bak, thank in his recognition speech all the armed forces personnel for their dedication. Many dignities and appreciated veterans were present at the ceremony.

The President inspecting the troops.

The country’s military putted on a variety of displays that include performances by military bands, drills by honor guard contingents, and martial arts displays by special warfare units. There were also air shows with helicopters and fighting planes. One of the highlights of the event was a skydiving performance by South Korea’s Special Warfare Command soldiers.

Pictures taken by Maj (Sel) Jeayeon Lee, thank you!