Friday, 23 August 2013

A quick visit to Stockholm....

 View from our new apartment!

Valerie awaiting the arrival of her baby :)
Quicker than quick I returned to Seoul for the last five weeks of Anders' mission …………
My ten days in Sweden past by in an ultra rapid speed! It was great to see Valerie who started her last trimester of her pregnancy but also to meet with Vincent, Jenna and Claes.
Most time I spend to help Valerie with preparations of her move to the Netherlands. But I also managed to get the key to our new apartment and purchased: wardrobes, dining room table with chairs, a bath tub and large hutch. It all wouldn’t be possible it I hadn’t had so much help from Vincent! The week I spent at Valerie’s and the last weekend with Vincent and Jenna. Upon my departure I lest a long list of to do things for Vincent and I’m not sure if he’ll be enjoying our return so very much the coming weeks……


Trivial Persuit with Jenna and Vincent, Jenna did great! She won!

A Stockholm summer view!

Vincent helping me to mark drill holes ......

Our lunch brake and a welcome rest from all the furniture shops we visited!


My choice "Råbiff", a typical Swedish dish.

Valerie went for shrimps and Jenna choose salmen :)


 Packed, cleaned and ready to be transported to Rotterdam.


A happy expecting daughter!                                 

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Goods shipped from Korea!

Our shipment from Korea is on its way!

When you read this blog, I’m in Stockholm visiting both my children and their partners. I surely look forward to being with them and hope I can feel my grandchild when she/he is moving! While I'm there I also will take the opportunity to prepare our new apartment as much as possible.

The move from Korea went very well, however, it should for I have plenty of practice. The movers did a great job on this very hot day; 33 degrees Celsius (91.4 degrees Fahrenheit) with regular down poor rain, and high humidity!

So now I’m back were we started in March 2011, with the exception of all my plants J which will get a good home when we leave House 7049A on Yongsan Base.

The big difference in moving this time was that Anders actually was attending, not that there was much to do but it surely helped when we cleaned up after the movers were done!

Upon my return to Korea, we’ll have five more weeks to go and then I will be done reporting from the 38th Parallel. But until that day, I’ll be back!

Moving is never really a favorite occupation of me! 

Coziness is not present!

Lucky for us it didn't rain when the movers started to load the container!

We came with a 20ft container and we leave with a 20ft container! Well done Mrs. Grenstad ;)

Back to "the way we were"........

Sunday, 4 August 2013

6o Years Commemoration of the Armistice Agreement.

Upp in the DMZ with rememberance speeches from nowaday leaderhip. 
This year, but especially the weeks, and in specific the day, 27th of July 1953, when the Armistice Agreement was signed this fact was commemorated.
The Korean politicians, - military and -people showed their appreciation to the Nations that helped them during the Korean War, but also to them who supported them keeping the Armistice. Sadly to obtain Peace between the countries isn’t on the table and the countries are even further away to be united. However, the Armistice Agreement has served them well!
During the past weeks the NNSC has been in a Drama documentary on National Korean TV and Anders as the Head of the Swedish Delegation was interviewed on TBS eFM 101.3 MHz. I was especially glad for that fact for this radio station, a 24-hour All English Radio Channel has been my main source of information, and many program they air I have enjoyed very much. (For all of you English knowledgeable citizens in Korea, I certainly recommend you too, to enjoy many of their shows)
So if you’re interested and have some time you’ll here find the link with the 30 minutes interview of Anders done by Walter Foreman hosting Inside Out, followed by a 30 minutes interview of the Norwegian Ambassador HE Torbjørn Holthe about the Norwegian role during the Korean War.
I believe it was good that the Armistice Agreement was highlighted for many younger Koreans do not know that still over twenty countries have been and still are supporting their country to have stability.

Program leader for Inside Out, Walter Foreman preparing for the upcoming broadcast. of his interview with Anders...

On the air......

So interesting to visit the studio from which they broadcast all English radio at 101.3 MHZ, the only radio I listen to here in Korea!

Gathering of  many nations veterans and media in Panmunjom!

She couldn't stay away....

Above: NNSC Swedish Delegation and representatives of the Swedish Embassy and the Minisrty of Defence.

But even on this special day the North keeps an eye on the South...

TV time.... Looking at the Drama documentary about the NNSC on National Korean Television................. The NNSC is definately geting more known in South Korea!
The new Operation Officer Jan Eldeblad's family out down town Seoul learning more about Korea., while being filmed by KBS (Korean Broadcasting System).
Above: Gunilla Eldeblad, the families oldest daughter Linea in the back and their second daughter Louisa in the front.
Below: Wilma, the families youngest daughter listning engaged and insightful. 


No peace....., no unification... but still a functioning Armistace Agreement!

A memorable memory which was kicked off with a luncheon at the War Memorial, hosted by MG Chun, Senior Member of UNCMAC.

On our way to the War Memorial Museum.

Our guided tour leader thanking our countries and us personally for contributing to the stability on the Korean Peninsula.

Security Council voting to support South Korea.

Behind me and Senior member MG Chun, you see General MacArthur receiving the Command over the UNC.

Many memorable and suffering stories, always connected to war time.

Proud of both my countries and the people who supported South Korea.

Below: ID Badges (the so called "Dogtags") made into a big tear.

A moment of silence honoring all the people who paid the ultimate price.