Monday, 25 June 2012

Midsommarafton I Haga parken !

The day before the longest day of the year, is in Sweden since 1953, a set day between the 20st and 26th of June (In earlier days Midsummer Day was always June 24th, on John the Baptist Day).

Last Friday, Valerie organized a gathering of her Partner, brother and sister-in-law (J) friends, and her mother, who is me!
Preperation of "midsommar tallriken"!

With beautiful picnic foods, champagne, wines and beer we met up at, Haga Park. Songs to our “snappses”, played a kubb game (played since the Middle Ages and originates from Gotland, Sweden’s largest island ) and questionnaire games we enjoyed each other’s company and the (almost) longest day of the year.  

Valerie and Vincent! Best children a mother could wish!

Me and my partner Mattias :)

Kubb is definately NOT our game, fun yes! result not really......................................

Valerie going in for the "kill".
Fredrik and Claes trying to beat Vincent and Björn (Claes's brother) without success.
Fredrik, Valerie & Jenna, Vincent.

Next one into our family? Claes?

Monday, 18 June 2012

Visiting my parents in the Netherlands and mingling with friends and the younger generation!

Already more than two weeks passed since Vincent and Jenna got married. After a late lunch at Jenna’s fathers place, Anders, Valerie and I travelled back to Stockholm.

Nothing to tell????

One of several tables, me between the hostess and host!

Tired but very happy for the wonderful day the newlywed had, we recuperated and visited our friends Jonas and Ena in Nynashamn. The following day we had dinner and goodbye for Anders with Valerie and Claes for on Wednesday Anders travelled back to Seoul.

The days before I left for Holland I had even more time to spend time with Valerie and several friends. At my parents place I was in time to celebrate my father’s 82nd birthday, together with my mother, brother and sister-in-law.
Mom & Dad!

Days passed quickly and before I could blink my eyes I was picked up in Stockholm by Vincent.
Although Sweden lost their soccer game that evening we had a great time and I could see pictures taken during their honeymoon in Egypt.
All together, wonderful and intensive days even if I wished Anders could have been here too!
One of the many fabulous dishes!
Me and Valerie on a terass at Östermalm, Stockholm.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

An unforgettable Day for the newly wedded couple!

So finally it was our son’s Wedding Day, 2nd of June, 2012. He and his Jenna were all set to make their vows and celebrate this fact at Saltsjöbadens Tavern in Karlshamn. Although the weather was unstable; chilly and with lots of showers, a radiating Bride entered Gammaltorps Church together with her husband to be, our son Vincent.

After the ceremony, there was some sunshine and the guests had the opportunity to congratulate the newlywed couple and some pictures were taken in front of the church.

Now it was time to travel to the Tavern to celebrate the the fact that they now are married!

With an aperitif and some fresh fruits, the two merged family members and the couples friends had the possibility to mingle and getting to know each other. Soon enough it was time to sit down to enjoy the dinner with, speeches and performances. A special Day which was made even more special by the wonderful toastmaster, Vincent and Jenna had asked, our daughter Valerie.

After the wedding cake, it was time for the couple to start of the dance and they surely surprised everybody with a fabulous performance, quite different from the traditional wedding waltz.

The party went on until two o’clock and much laughter, dancing, new friends making later it was time for guests and the new Mr. and Mrs. Grenstad to leave with many fabulous memories added into their lives.