Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Vivid and exciting New York City

My friend Anne Macdonald and I have just finished our four days visit of New York City. The time has flown by and Anne had composed an itinerary that covered it all. That is to say for the time we had available. We had a full program and we definitely didn’t waste any time at our hotel. The Hop on, Hop off, city bus took us all over Manhatten and even allowed us a nigh tour taking us over the Brooklyn Bridge giving a magnificent view over Manhatten’s skyline.
We of cause hopped off at many sights, also visited the National Museum and went window shopping at the fabulous Madison Avenue and bought lots of things at Canal Street. We ate hamburgers, pizza, great salads, pastas and enjoyed a luncheon in Central Park at the Loeb Boat House after a stroll through the sights.
We had bubbly and saw The Lion King, Wicked and ONCE, all wonderful musicals but very different.

Guided through the City!

Fabulous views but difficult to capture....

Felt at home ;)

National Museum!

The way to Liberty Island and...
Passing "Castle Clinton" in Battery Park, the onlly remaining castle in manhatten.


 looking over our shoulder,

 then turning around and viewing the fabulous gift from the City of Paris!

Korean War Memorial.
 BFF ;)


Speaks for itself!



 24-hours open!


 A Manhatten in Manhatten!!!



Sunday, 17 February 2013

More Stockholm!

An exciting couple of days have passed by while we still were together in Stockholm. After leaving a tensed South Korea, Anders was informed about the nuclear warhead test of North Korea, resulting in an even more tensed situation. Anders was a lot on the telephone and gave an interview at Swedish national news regarding the situation. We of cause had all our friends and people living in North- and South Korea on our mind.


We also managed to celebrate Jenna’s birthday, sang, signed the contract for ‘our’ new apartment, visited some banks and met with more friends.

Anders returned to Seoul and I am getting ready to travel to New York. But before that I will tomorrow accompany Valerie on her hunt for a……. wedding dress!
I am so exited!

What a fabulous day!!!

Birthday dinner for Jenna, prepared by Vincent :)


Singstar here we come...............
They were fabulous, no lyriks but that was not a problem...
Song: A whole new world!
Here we'll move in



Out and about in town together with
Anders, Valerie and my friend Flor.

Monday, 11 February 2013

Stockholm, Stockholm...

The park in front of the appartment we used to live!

Fabulous to be back in beautiful Stockholm! The weather this past week hasn’t made it easy to walk around in the city as I planned. It doesn't look we'll get a change for even more snow is expected for the coming days.
Internet connection is periodic for I constantly need to be at the hotel and re-enter the codes (different every day and long……. Korea’s telecom companies, please let go of your protective behavior….!!!)

Sunday morning and I'm trying to Skype with my Dad & Mom!

Nevertheless, it has been wonderful to meet with our children, their spouses and  some of our friends.


In Wasa stan with Valerie & Claes! 

In Hägersten with Vincent & Jenna

At Gärdet with Denise & Dan

In Bagermossen at Peter & Brigitta and also with Jonas & Ena
I also had the possibility to write quite some and now I even have fulfilled the job I was requested to do.

Last Friday and Saturday I had the posibility to interact with the new Delegates for the NNSC and their families. In preparation for their move to South Korea, the group has been receiving input from different speakers for the past week.

Friday evening I had the pleasure of meeting all adults just before the giving brief held at the ROK Embassy.


Afterwards we enjoyed a wonderful dinner hosted by the Ambassador and his wife at their residence.

Early Saturday we travelled through a winter wonderland to Livgardet for us "oldies" to give some more information. I was requested to talk about the spouses and their childrens experiences but also to give input regarding what to think of and tips to make the new families transition to Yongsan Base and Seoul the best possible.



I’m convinced all of them will have a wonderful time and I look forward to welcome the first two families in June!

In the meantime, I will enjoy Stockholm for a while more J

And still with Anders for he has a couple of days off before he returns to Seoul.......


I just love this city in every season!