Sunday, 26 August 2012

The wonderful world of education!

We had a fabulous time, being present when our “Korean daughter” Jaeyeon Lee, received her Master Degree in Political Science in International Relations!
Jaeyeon is for me a very special woman, giving me a vibrate, humorous, honest and open interaction with the younger generation her in Korea.
The achievements of this young woman are admirable. She’s captain in the Korean Army and works fulltime as a liaison officer with United Nations Command, where she does a wonderful job and is appreciated by many for her energy, creativity and getting things done. In the same time she studied for her Master Degree and last Friday it was time to receive her diploma! Besides receiving her diploma she also was rewarded for being among the three best students! 
Proud and honored we met up with Jaeyeon at the entrance of the Korean University. A happy, wonderfully looking Jaeyeon took us around the enormous and beautiful campus, before we went into the aula for the ceremony. She introduced us to several of her classmates, who knew about Anders for they had visited the DMZ, a trip organized by Captain Lee!
Afterwards it was time for celebration and we were taken to a typical student’s restaurant for special chicken and lots of beer!

No one of us were thirsty afterwards...


Jeayeon on her way to receive her diploma!


No longer a student, the tuft has changed side!

Jeayeon being call up to receive her premium...

Happy efer after???


Korea University (Korean: 고려대학교 (高麗大學校) goryeo daehakkyo) is a prestigious nonsectarian, private research university located primarily in Seoul, and one of the SKY universities, a historical acronym used in South Korea referring  to Seoul National University, Korea University, and Yonsei University. Founded by Lee Yong-Ik in the present-day town of Susong in 1905, the school moved to Anam in 1934. The university is one of the oldest institutions of higher education in South Korea and is widely regarded as one of the top three comprehensive universities in the country.

The beautiful compound of the Korean University, in the middle of Seoul




Seal of Korean University
Some data:
Motto: Libertas, Justitia, Veritas                                          
Academic Staff: 4,006
Students: 25,182
Colors: Crimson
Mascot: Tiger


Saturday, 18 August 2012

Thinking of those who have hardships right now...

The past couple of weeks have been hard being far away from Sweden, because we could be of no comfort, support or just present to the people suffering the incomprehensible loss they suffered.

Lars, friend of us, you left us all so very young (42), had still so much to give, we and many others will miss you. You’ll be with us in our mind and heart for ever!

Sherry and Robert, we suffer with you, losing your 25 year old son Ross, it’s devastating and we’ve just no words for comfort. We wish you strength and have you and your family, in our thoughts.  

At this moment, I imagine that time is at a standstill for the dear and near ones of our friends, but over here time seems just to move on, as if nothing happened and another week passed by.
Slowly but certainly life at the Base is returning to normal, over 65% new people have been stationed here during the summer, implying that many families have been busy moving and settling in. On the 27th the American schools, here at Yongsan Base, will start again and then the majority will be returning to their normal routines.

The past week we were invited to a real American surprise party. Greg, who turned 50 and therefor the subject of celebration, was indeed, SURPRISED!!! The weather was in our favor, as it has been most of the summer here. Wine, beer, lots of food including YES! HOTDOGS!
                               Waiting for Gregs and his wife Robins arrival.......

What is this all about?

A gathered picture taken at a Yongsan Base garden, with Seoul, iPark skyscapers in the background, quite amazing!

Together with many other people, I volunteered to help the Chosun Gift Shop, unloading, tagging, merchandizing and more when the Philippine shipment arrived.
During the morning we had the fabulous help of the high school football team, with dedicated and hardworking youngsters.

Hm, maybe facinators aren't the funiest products to tag!

But carrying out all packing material apparently is...

As the Dutch proverb sais: "Vele handen maken licht werk"!

Believe me, it is fun to unpack a shipment, even if I here don't look like it...

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Our day trip to Oido and the nearby islands!

Exactly a year ago, I went with two other women to the southwest end station of Subway Line 4, Oido Station. (See blog: 31st of July 2011, “An adventures trip to the end of the Line!”). Last weekend was beautiful weather and I felt it was time that Anders would see something else than the DMZ or Yongsan Base.

The city of Oido, is about 30 kilometers southwest of Seoul and it takes over an hour by subway from Seoul Station and between one hour and three hours by car!

We packed a small picnic "basket" and took of cause…the car J for the plan was to besides visiting Oido, (where we intended to enjoy one of the many fish and selfish restaurants, upon our return to Seoul) also to show Anders the islands close to this city.
Now we know exactly where to go on ????? Island!

We found the well-known pier in Oido, with the lighthouse landmark, took a short walk and continued to the islands, which are connected to the peninsula with long bridges, beautifully decorated with flowers.

Well over the second bridge we found, on a side track, a hard to reach picnic spot, where local people picked shellfish on the wet shore side for the time the water had withdrawn.

I tried to go for a swim, but besides that the tide was in the shellfish pickers favor and not in mine; I also had hard to walk barefooted to the faraway water...

We enjoyed the shade and a small breeze for a couple of hours and went driving until we reach a beach.

Several Korean families have discovered this island and spend, occasually a weekend or some holidays in this area; tenting, BBQ-ing and interacting with their families, while enjoying the foods, drinks and open air.

No, I haven't bought on...yet!

We toured some more on the island, looking at the picturesque sites. We encountered small fishing boats lying in their harbor waiting for the tide to change; we saw the fishing equipments nicely stacked, much grape cultivation and several kimchi pots stores.
After all these impressions, it was time to return to Oido to taste the exquisite shellfish BBQ, with some beer and sojo.............


While having our BBQ, getting even warmer then we already were, we could view several motor-gliders and the rising of a new town accros the bay.

The designated "return driver"!

Friday, 3 August 2012

Monday, Monday….can’t trust that day!

A fresh new week and the first sight after rising was...
finding my laundry room in chaos!

It was impossible to do anything, until the cupboards were moved out of the utility room.................... 

For me quite a plausible way of mounting cupboards!

This room has the past year been quite a troublesome one…
Four times we had a leak in the heating system, giving a nasty smell of petrol in the entire house. This time we had the smell of vinegar and a lot of things smashed due to the fact that all the cupboards (five pieces!!!) fell down. Not a funny way of starting up the week. And looking to how these closets were mounted, I’m surprised that the held as long as they did.
The cooperation between America and Korea is said to be the strongest in the world, but in this case I think they have a lot of development potential!!!
Where to start? I know! ... with a call to housing and they helped cleaning up the mess and four days later, new cupboards were installed. Well enough about that, just hope the construction is now better then how the previous ones were mounted!

Due to the fabulous weather we have I decided to take the week of…. (Maybe more if it continues to be 34 degrees Celsius = 93.4 Fahrenheit).

Chi, my neigbor and friend enjoying the "big childrens" pool with her sons Jeremy and Liam.

Jeremy and I enjoying the "little childrens" pool.
 After pool time in the front garden sipping
my "bubbly", afterall it is vacation time!


But... Never too hot to do some few hours of shopping at Dongdaemun, but......

definately too hot to play golf! And we felt that after 18-holes!